Water Transfer, Heating, Filtering & Storage

High Volume, Long Distance Transfers

Swamp Donkey's fleet of 10" and 8" hose is maintained to the highest standard.  All fittings are retorqued to manufacterer's specs after each job.  We are capable of transfering water almost anywhere.  Our in-house planning and job design is second to none.  We are capable of planning and deploying at amoments notice, no need for lengthy engineering processes, saving time and money.

High Pressure Pipeline Pumping

Swamp Donkey pioneered actual "High Pressure" pipeline pumping.  In 2018, Swamp Donkey perceived, designed alongside distributor and built one of Canada's largest portable high volume high pressure pumps.  Using these pumps, and customer owned infrastructure, we can provide the customer with cost savings and peace of mind that fluid security is maintaned as we can pump longer distances without the need to be boosted.

High Volume, High Efficiency Water Heating

Equipped with state of the art, CSA approved Burner Management Systems, our 60 Million BTU Skid Heaters are some of the most efficient available in the heating market today.  Contact us to see how we can serve your fluid heating needs.

Glycol Heat Tracing Units

Our Glycol Heaters can be used to provide heat tracing for any place needed on any location.  Equiped with up to 15000' of 1/2" line and 1500' of 2" Delivery Line, we can provide heat to keep wellheads, pipelines, frac lines, BOPs, and anything else you think could need heat - warm on cold days.

High Volume Filtering

We have a range of filter units available to meet any volume requirements we encounter.  We purchase filters locally and have a variety of different  styles and sizes available.

On-Lease Transfer and Fluid Management

Our equipment and water transfer technicians work to ensure that all of your needs are met.  We operate with a "zero spill" mentality and maintain "fluid security" at all times.