Fluid & General Hauling

Sour Sealed Units

Our fleet of company owned sour sealed 6 & 7 axle units are available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our experienced team of operators are competent and trained for the tasks assigned.

Production Hauling

Contact us today to provide competitive pricing for all your production hauling needs.  We are fully equipped to handle any Montney production fluid hauling needs you may have.

Sewer Hauling

Our dedicated 30m³ sewer hauling unit has the capacity to handle your waste in the most efficient, economical route available.  Contact us today to explore cost savings for sewer hauling at your camp or worksite in NEBC or NWAB.

Potable Water Hauling

All of our potable water units adhere to government regulations for drinking water handling and hauling.  We provide consistent, trained and competent operators to deliver your potable water safely everytime.

Water Trucks

Whether you need dust control or bore rig support, our fleet of water trucks is available to serve you, anytime, any place.

Water & Chemical Sales

Swamp Donkey partners with multiple other services and vendors to provide chemical and fluid sales for various industries.  From hot water to methanol, we can provide it all.

Access Mat Hauling

Equipped with Super-B and lowbed units, our crews can move your mats in a timely, cost effective manner.